1 October – Numbers, Figures, Disposable Design

Climate Strike: Weronika was in Washington and saw the set up of the march there. Discussion about the continuing actions.
Climate change
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Climate Strike:

Weronika was in Washington and saw the set up of the march there. Discussion about the continuing actions.

Laura: A lot of things are happening, but not everyone can go to everything. After 20th September, there was 27th September, so awareness isn’t as high as it might be. Even among us, we are confused about what is actually happening: DaeWha thought that it was a single day march on the 20th, and Laura and Paulyne understood that it was a full week total.

Weronika: Extinction Rebellion needs to keep things going and the pressure up. 7th of October will probably be more impactful.

Lawrence looked at figures: 4 million worldwide represents about 1 out of 1,750 people worldwide. He would imagine it would be more impactful if you had 1 out of 100 people: so everyone on earth would probably know 1 person who went. But that would be 70 million people.

We did a little quick Wikipedia check: a French scholar estimated 36 million people protested the Iraq War during a period of a few months in 2003.

Would it be better to have more politicians there, to answer questions? Corbyn did talk about a Green New Deal.

We had discussion and question about Extinction Rebellion – for the sake of anarchy or rebellion or for the sake of climate and clear action. Weronika gave some update about that.

A question about skill set / influence / ability to affect the outcomes.

For some people it would be better if you can directly influence with your work, but if not it is also good to be there and push.

A lot of artists there.

Weronika on the plane: noticed that it is not just the fuel, but it is a lot of plastic, wrappings, other foods that are all wasted.

There is so much waste.

How would you have any pride as a designer if everything you make is constantly being thrown in the bin?

Design packaging that anyone could use to store their food to reuse it again and again?

London Fields extinction rebellion had little PV panels for charging phones just left out.

Peak Residence: How much glass do we use in the project? Do we need more heating inside? Rainwater collection, although possibly difficult to make it work? PV? Generate energy?

Maybe we can buy a PV panel.

We also want to buy a 3d printer.

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